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Resolving File Path Issues in Genealogical Tree Pro Plugin on Windows XAMPP

By zqe


Many users of the Genealogical Tree Pro plugin on WordPress, especially those operating on a Windows XAMPP environment, have reported encountering issues related to file path handling. This is a common problem due to the unique way Windows handles file paths with backslashes (\). In this article, we will explore how to troubleshoot and fix this issue, focusing on a specific scenario involving the genealogical-tree-handel-import.php file.

Understanding the Problem:

The issue manifests when attempting to upload .ged files. The plugin’s PHP code, particularly around file handling, doesn’t always interpret Windows file paths correctly. This can result in errors and unsuccessful file uploads.

Step-by-Step Solution:

  1. Sanitize and Normalize File Paths: After retrieving file information using $_FILES, it’s crucial to sanitize and normalize the file paths. This includes converting backslashes to forward slashes for consistency, as PHP on Windows supports both.
  2. Inspect the tmp_name Key: The key $_FILES['ged']['tmp_name'] holds the temporary file path for uploaded files. It’s essential to ensure that this path is correctly formatted and accessible.
  3. Code Modification for Path Handling: You may need to modify the existing plugin code to handle the file paths properly. Here’s an example of how to adjust the code:

plugins/genealogical-tree-pro/admin/genealogical-tree-handel-import.php line 23

$file_data = isset($_FILES) && isset($_FILES['ged']) ? $_FILES['ged'] : array();
if (!empty($file_data)) {
    $file_data['tmp_name'] = str_replace('\\', '/', $file_data['tmp_name']); // Normalize the path
    $file_data = map_deep(wp_unslash($file_data), 'sanitize_text_field');


$file_data = isset( $_FILES ) && isset( $_FILES['ged'] ) ? map_deep( $_FILES['ged'], 'sanitize_text_field' ) : array();

This snippet first checks for file data presence, normalizes the path in the tmp_name key, and then sanitizes the data.

  1. Debugging and Logging: Add debugging statements or log the contents of $_FILES['ged'] to get a clearer picture of the data, especially the tmp_name value.
  2. Check Permissions: Ensure the temporary directory for PHP file uploads (upload_tmp_dir in php.ini) has the right permissions.
  3. Review Server Configuration: Verify your XAMPP and PHP configurations, including settings in php.ini like upload_max_filesize, post_max_size, and file_uploads.
  4. Seek Plugin Support: If the problem persists, contacting the plugin’s support team is advisable. They might offer known solutions or updates for Windows XAMPP users.


Modifying plugin files can lead to issues with future updates, so it’s always best to communicate any fixes to the plugin developers for official release incorporation. By following these steps, you should be able to resolve file path issues in the Genealogical Tree Pro plugin on a Windows XAMPP environment.

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